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Dialix Bladder Control Plus 180g 60 Chews

Food supplement that helps to maintain bladder muscle tone, emptying and in general normal and healthy functioning.

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Dialix Bladder Control Plus is a food supplement formulated in highly palatable chews for people with urinary continence.


  • Helps maintain muscle tone in the bladder and its sphincter.
  • Indicated for sterilized females and animals of advanced age.
  • Natural and safe even in chronic treatments.
  • Formulated in chews, soft chewable biscuits with high palatability, designed to facilitate the daily dose.
  • Composition: Brewer's yeast, chicken flavor, water, gum arabic, pectin, canola oil, glycerin, soy lecithin, sweetener, soy protein, Trifolium pratense, sorbic acid, propionic acid, blend of natural tecopherols.

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