Zylkene 75mg 30 capsules

Zylkene 75mg 30 capsules

Natural tranquilizer for dogs and cats.

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Zylkene is an anti-stress nutritional supplement made with a natural product derived from milk, especially indicated to help prevent or treat stress-related behavior problems.


  • This product with relaxing properties helps animals overcome periods of stress or stressful situations such as moving house, holidays, new family members (such as a baby or a new animal) or noise (fireworks, rain)
  • Contains alpha-casozepine, an innovative patented molecule derived from milk proteins that has a mild relaxing and anxiolytic effect. The active ingredient is a peptide (a type of protein) that is able to bind temporarily to certain receptors in the brain. Thus, it creates calming effects similar to tranquilizing drugs like diazepam (Valium), but without the side effects.

Advice for use:

The daily dose can be given all at once or divided into 2 parts. Cats and dogs up to 10 kg 1-2 cps 75 mg per day. Dogs from 10 to 30 kg 1-2 cps 225 mg per day. Dogs over 30 kg 1-2 cps 450 mg per day. It can be administered for 30-60 days with the possibility of continuation if the veterinarian advises it. An evaluation of the animal 15-30 days after starting treatment is recommended to adjust the dose. If you want to prepare your pet for foreseeable stressful events such as parties, trips, etc., you can administer a short treatment 7 days beforehand. Zylkene 75 mg for cats and dogs weighing less than 10 kg. Zylkene 225 mg for dogs between 10 and 30 kg. Zylkene 450 mg for dogs over 30 kg.