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Uripac 20 15 pills

Uripac 20 15 pills

Complementary food for use alone or in association with the medical treatment of animals with urinary discomfort, for dogs and cats.

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Uripac is a food supplement with high concentration in Cranberry proanthocyanidins.


  • Cranberry is recognized for helping to keep the urinary system healthy.
  • Proanthocyanidins are used alone or in addition to medical treatment in animals with urinary discomfort: to anticipate factors that favor urinary infections; to help curb relapses; to benefit from the anti-bacterial adhesion power on the walls of the urinary tract: alone or in addition to medical treatments.
  • Natural and palatable.

Directions for use:

Put the tablet in the feed, mix it into a treat or put it directly into the animal's mouth. Once a day for 15 days. Repeat if necessary.