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Procanicare 60g

First dog-to-dog gastrointestinal support food supplement.

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procanicare is a complementary food specially developed for dogs, containing 3 live Lactobacillus strains, isolated from healthy animals.


  • Specially developed for dogs, being the first gastrointestinal support food supplement that contains “beneficial” bacteria from healthy dogs.
  • Contains 3 live Lactobacillus strains that reduce “bad” bacteria in different ways.
  • Clinically proven—the bacteria present in Procanicare™ reduce "bad" bacteria, improve the consistency of the stool and promote the growth of "good" bacteria, favoring the general condition of dogs.
  • Particularly indicated in the following situations: In dogs that change their diet or take antibiotics, which can alter the balance of the intestinal microbiome; Elderly dogs or dogs with sensitive bellies, as these animals usually have less “beneficial” Lactobacillus; Dogs traveling or staying in kennels, which can contribute to "intestinal stress"; In pregnant or lactating bitches, to maintain a healthy intestinal microbiome.

Directions for use:

Sprinkle the powder directly on your dog's food or dissolve in drinking water. Dog weight: 1 to 3 kg - 1/2 scoop per day. Dog weight greater than 3kg - 1 scoop per day.

Store in the cold at 2º-8ºc. The product can remain at room temperature for 1 week without any changes in its activity.