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Foal Weaner 3kg

Foal Weaner 3kg

Food that provides balanced amounts of amino acids. For foals and working horses.

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Foal Weaner provides the balanced amounts of amino acids and, in particular, a significant proportion of L-Lysine which is normally found in very small amounts in the diet of these animals and which is a limiting factor in their musculoskeletal growth and development. Foal Weaner also contains threonine, histidine, tryptophan and glycine, among other components.


  • Amino acids are the fundamental elements for the formation of proteins. Some amino acids, such as lysine, can only be purchased from the diet and are known as essential amino acids.
  • Complementing the diet with Foal Weaner, we ensure the supply of the necessary nutrients for our horses to grow and develop in ideal conditions. Administering adequate amounts of amino acids in the diet of working horses and growing foals is critical to achieving optimal muscle development and achieving the best growth rates.
  • Foal Weaner does not contain any substances prohibited by sporting regulations.