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Elmex Kids Toothpaste 50ml

Elmex Kids Toothpaste 50ml

Anti-cavity protection for children up to 6 years of age.

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Elmex Kids Toothpaste is formulated for dental hygiene up to 6 years of age.


  • Contains amine fluoride that helps in effective remineralization of enamel and ensures anti-cavity protection

Directions for use:

From the birth of the first tooth, apply an amount of paste equivalent to the size of a pea once a day; from the age of two apply the same amount twice a day. From 6 years of age, it is recommended that you start using toothpaste for adults. Children 6 and under: use a pea-sized amount under adult supervision to minimize the risk of ingestion. If you receive an extra fluoride supplement through other sources, consult your dentist or family doctor or pediatrician.