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Vitis Sensitive Pasta Dentífrica 75ml

Vitis Sensitive Toothpaste 75ml

Relieves, repairs and protects sensitive teeth from the first application

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Vitis Sensitive has double action on sensitive teeth thanks to its formula:

  • Chemical action: Inhibits the transmission of signals that cause discomfort (potassium nitrate)
  • Physical action: Seals the dentinal tubules and repairs the dentin surface. The hydroxyapatite nanoparticles based on DENTAID technology nanorepair, naturally repair the exposed dentin surface, sealing the dentinal tubules and forming a protective layer that soothes sensitive teeth from the first application.

After brushing with Vitis Sensitive toothpaste, a considerable number of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles are deposited, sealing the dentinal tubules, relieving sensitive teeth from the first application.

Proven effectiveness in scientific studies: attenuates sensitive teeth by 95% of users since the first application.


  • Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles 0.45%: They naturally repair the dentin surface, forming a protective layer that helps fight sensitive teeth
  • Potassium nitrate 5%: Has a desensitizing effect
  • Sodium monofluorophosphate 1.10%: Remineralizes the enamel and prevents cavities.
  • Pro-vitamin B5, Allantoin and Vitamin E: Protect and regenerate the gingival tissue.
For sensitive teeth.
For the prevention of sensitive teeth after dental procedures that typically trigger this condition.
Directions for use:
Brush your teeth daily for 2-3 minutes after each meal, at least 3 times a day.