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Babu Escova de Dentes Bambu Dura
Babu Escova de Dentes Bambu Dura

Babu Toothbrush Hard Bamboo

Consisting of natural and renewable materials, which are an excellent ecological alternative to plastic.

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Babu Toothbrush Bamboo it is ideal for the elimination of bad odors, bacteria, stains caused by food, also contributing to the protection of plaque.


  • The bristles were designed in an increasing format in order to reach the most difficult points creating a more effective brushing
  • Babu are designed to adapt perfectly to your hand and mouth so that your handling is perfect in the process of brushing your teeth, giving you the possibility to choose two sizes: adult and child.
  • Benefits of bamboo: it is the plant with the highest concentration of silica in the entire planet, which reinforces the work of calcium to build strong bones and teeth. The nutrients in bamboo are also beneficial for the gum, strengthening it.
  • Available in extra-soft, smooth, medium and hard versions.

Directions for use:

As bamboo is an absorbent material, it is advisable after brushing to leave Babu in a dry place and / or without permanent contact with water to avoid moisture. Being in contact with moisture, Babu can appear darker. When it is time to change the toothbrush, it is advisable to cut the bristles and place them in the ecopoint. With the exception of the bristles, all the rest of the material is biodegradable, so it is advisable to place the packaging in the blue ecopoint of the paper and the cable itself can even be buried next to a tree, for example.