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Omron Medidor de Tensão Digital M7 Intelli IT

Omron Digital Tension Meter M7 Intelli IT

Get the same precision you have in your doctor's appointment!

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Omron Digital Tension Meter M7 Intelli IT, the most advanced meter, brings to the market the latest innovation in the field of precision: Intelli Wrap cuff. Allows connection to the Omron smartphone app.


  • Omron Intelli Wrap Armband Technology ensures consistent accuracy in any position around the arm.
  • The consistent precision of the Intelli Wrap Armband is certified by reference standards and even for arms measuring between 22-42 cm.
  • Unlike the other cuffs, the measurement zone of the Omron Intelli Wrap cuff wraps around 360 degrees around the arm. There is no "weak point" in the measurement, which makes it almost impossible to place the cuff incorrectly around the arm.
  • Integrated into the world! Smartphone application that connects via Bluetooth to Omron devices, providing easy viewing of measurements, graphs of history and average values. It makes it easier to view, save and share your health data with other applications like Apple Health.