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Omron Pressure Monitor M24/7P

Allows the assessment of the tension profile throughout the 24h of the day.

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Omron Pressure Monitor M24/7P allows the assessment of the tension profile throughout the 24 h of the day and distinguish blood pressure during periods of wakefulness and sleep.


  • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor.
  • Large LCD display for easy reading.
  • Measuring capacity for 48 hours.
  • Memory capacity of more than 400 readings.
  • Light design and quiet operation for patient comfort.
  • Fully programmable with Windows software for complete analysis and data management.
  • Clinically validated BHS.
  • Autonomy for about 300 measurements (2 AA alkaline batteries).
  • Silent.
  • Allows the issuance of a cardiovascular risk report (software available as an accessory service).
  • Armband included: 1x Medium Armband (22-32cm - series).
  • Carrying case.