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NUK Nature Sense Tetina Silicone 0-6m M 2unidades
NUK Nature Sense Tetina Silicone 0-6m M 2unidades

Nuk Nature Sense Soft Silicone Teat 6-18m L 2pcs

Teat with 6 holes for formula milk.

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Nuk Nature Sense Silicone Teat : copied from mother nature!

Features :

  • Several small holes: Mimic the mammary ducts of the mother's breast and ensure a smooth and natural flow.
  • The extra soft top: It is particularly flexible, adapting to the baby's mouth in a similar way to the mother's breast.
  • Extra-flexible area: The lips rest on an extra-flexible area like the mother's breast.
  • The optimized anti-colic valve: Allows a constant flow of liquid and prevents the baby from swallowing air, causing colic.
  • NUK Nature Sense teats have a number of small holes – for breast milk and other thicker liquids (S- for breast milk, tea and water; M- for formula milk; L- for thicker liquids).
  • As your baby grows, the teat can be changed for babies from 0 to 6 months and babies from 6 to 18 months.

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