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Sesderma Estryses Anti-Stretch Cream 200ml

Prevention and treatment of stretch marks.

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Prevention and treatment of stretch marks associated with sudden changes in weight (diets, pregnancy), hormonal (puberty, pregnancy), muscle development (athletes).

Estryses is a cream with a unique formula that reduces the depth, width and roughness of the marks caused by stretch marks. Estryses contains a complex of ingredients that act by moisturizing, reactivating the skin, increasing its resistance and elasticity, reducing sagging and stimulating collagen synthesis.

Combats the stiffness of the fibers, since it improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces sagging and reduces stretch marks.

Directions for use:

It is recommended to perform an exfoliation once a week to promote the penetration of the assets.

Preventive or Maintenance Treatment: Apply on the treatment area Estryses Anti-stretch mark lotion and Estryses cream, morning and evening, with a circular massage until completely absorbed.

Intensive Shock Treatment: Follow preventive or maintenance treatment, replacing Estryses Anti Stretch Marks at night with Estryses Serum Anti Stretch Marks.