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Noreva Cicadiane Drying Lotion 100ml

Noreva Cicadiane Drying Lotion 100ml

Drying lotion for exuding areas, skin folds and diaper area.

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Noreva Cicadiane Drying Lotion is a repairing and drying lotion, for the specific care of damaged and irritated skin, with fluid flow. With regenerating, antibacterial and drying ingredients, it stimulates skin regeneration, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and dries the flow of fluids, while strengthening the skin barrier and making it more resistant to external aggressive agents.


  • Suitable for the whole family from babies, children, adults and the elderly.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Ideal for drying, restoring and purifying exuding areas, including skin folds and the diaper area.

Usage advice: 

To apply 2 times a day, with a sterile gauze compress on the previously cleaned affected area. Use until complete regeneration. It can be applied in the diaper area.