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Hemopropyn Ointment 20g

Topical ointment for prevention and relief of discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

Ref. 7091983
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Hemopropin Ointment is a medical device that, thanks to the properties of its natural components, forms a protective barrier on the injured rectal mucosa, relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease.


  • Vaseline and Lanolin create a protective film on the rectal area and swollen hemorrhoidal tissue.
  • Propolis, a natural source of phenolic acid, has preservative properties. Antibacterial and antiviral effects in the anal region. Relieves unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease. Bioflavonoids also have an antibacterial and antimycotic effect.
  • Chamomile tincture gives the ointment a light and pleasant texture, allowing it to spread well on the mucosa and improving its hydration.
  • Propolis tincture, present in small amounts, provides microbiological stability, very important to avoid contamination of the ointment when used directly or with the applicator.

Usage advice:

Before use, read the leaflet carefully. During acute episodes, apply to clean anorectal area morning and evening. Thereafter, when symptoms relieve, apply only at night. It can also be applied using the applicator placed in the tube at the cap site. Before use, remove the protection from the top of the applicator. Immediately after using the applicator, remove it from the tube that must be closed with the cap. Carefully clean the applicator with water, dry and cover with protection.

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