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Wock Securlite 02 Black Size 44

The feeling of lightness and comfort in complete safety.

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Securlite are non-slip shoes, with a protective composite toecap and super light weight for comfort and safety in the most demanding industries. ESD anti-statics protect you and the equipment you work with from potentially dangerous shocks. Indicated for Kitchens, Packaging and Food Processing Industry, Logistics and professionals who handle heavy equipment.


  • Its special design helps to reduce the appearance of micro injuries in tendons, bones and joints, reducing the feeling of tired legs.
  • Protect the objects and electronic equipment you work with.
  • Shoes can be machine washed at 50° (only the model, not the insole).
  • Prevents liquids from entering the shoe through the upper part.
  • Feelite technology produces shoes that are extraordinarily light, resistant and comfortable.
  • The sole is designed to reduce the risk of slipping on greasy and slippery floors.
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
  • Allows you to further increase the comfort of the shoe.
  • Rubber tread does not lose properties in contact with oils and hydrocarbons.
  • It promotes the release of accumulated electrostatic energy.
  • Directive S4+E+A+FO+SRC.
  • Absence of holes preventing particles from entering the interior of the shoe.
  • Added heel support for times that require extra agility.