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Wock Bloc 38/39 Straps for Clogs Yellow

For greater comfort and support to the heel, the strap helps keep the foot fixed to the clog.

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Wock Bock Straps for Clogs they are adjustable and removable straps that allow to adjust and keep the footwear fixed to the foot.


  • Lemon aroma: the material of the strips has a fresh and soft fragrance, the scent of lemon.
  • Sterilizable: produced with a high quality polymer that allows sterilization in an autoclave up to 134 ° C.
  • Washable 90 °: can be machine washed at 90 °.

Directions for use:

The strips can be machine washed up to 90 ° C or sterilized in an autoclave up to 134 ° C, always together with the BOCK. Clean with a dry cloth or allow to dry at room temperature.