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Advancis Fungimax 20+20cápsulas
Advancis Fungimax 20+20cápsulas

Advancis Fungimax 20 + 20 capsules

Helps in the treatment of various types of fungal infections.

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ADVANCIS® Fungimax is a food supplement that helps in the treatment of various types of fungal infections, namely candidiasis (vaginal, skin, oropharyngeal), some types of onychomycosis, among others.


  • Its formula has important fungicidal properties that result from the synergistic action of its constituents: Horopito and Anis Verde.
  • In addition, as it has an anti-inflammatory action, it contributes to the control of symptoms inherent to different types of fungal infections.
  • When to use: Mycosis treatment: Candidiasis (genital, cutaneous, oropharyngeal, etc.). Onychomycosis. Others. Supporting topical antifungal therapy.

Directions for use:

Take the 2 capsules (pink and yellow) simultaneously, after one of the two main meals (lunch or dinner). Vaginal candidiasis: take for 20 days (one box). Onychomycosis: take for a minimum of 3 months.