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Unyque Intense Flow Sanitary Pads 10 units

Unyque Intense Flow Sanitary Pads 10 units

Unique and hypoallergenic range of dressings and tampons made exclusively from the purest cotton to take care of feminine intimate hygiene.

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Unyque Intense Flow Sanitary Pads are made in 100% pure cotton for all women since the beginning of menstruation.


  • Unique range developed by gynecologists.
  • Ultra-absorbent and micro-ventilated, it allows air to circulate, thus facilitating healing and preventing infections.
  • Its adhesive strips hold the dressing in place and its side strips cover widely for greater protection and hygiene.
  • No additives / no dyes / no perfume / no chlorine / no bleach / no plastic / no artificial materials.