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Vortex Adulto Sem Máscara
Vortex Adulto Sem Máscara

Adult Vortex Without Mask

Expansion chamber pfor adults and children aged 4 years and over.

Ref. 6128561
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As it is made of aluminum and does not retain electrostatic energy, the aerosol particles do not get stuck on the walls unlike what happens in chambers made of plastic. Since there is no waste, it is more effective because the patient receives much more medication.

It has a universal fit compatible with any Measure Dose Inhaler (MDI / spray) available on the market. It has an innovative nozzle with one-way valve that prevents the mixture of CO2 with the medicine.

Great hygienic advantage that allows you to sterilize, boil or wash in the dishwasher the whole set, masks included.

It is adaptable to the different masks available according to the age and needs of the users, which combined with the efficiency and hygienic advantage, still associates an important economic benefit.