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Moskout Anti-Insect Spray for Textiles 100ml

Moskout Anti-Insect Spray for Textiles 100ml

Combats crawling and flying insects such as mosquitoes / melons, ticks and mites on textile surfaces, clothing, curtains, carpets, mosquito nets, strollers and other home textiles.

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Moskout Anti-Insect Spray for Textiles is an anti-insect spray for textile application.


  • To combat flying and crawling insects such as mosquitoes / melons, ticks and mites that can transmit some dangerous diseases such as Zika, Malaria, Tick Fever, Chikungunya, among others;
  • Effective protection for 30 days or up to 5 washes;
  • It does not stain and does not impart any color to the fabrics;
  • Smelless;
  • Permethrin acts directly on insects inducing electrochemical changes in the insect's cell membrane, affecting its mobility;
  • Composition: Permethrin (0.5%), Piperonyl butoxide (0.1%), Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt;
  • Tested by the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Directions for use:

Shake before using. Apply in an airy place. Spray the garment or textile before using or dressing. Apply at a distance of 30 cm from the textile to be protected and abundantly (the fabrics should be slightly moistened). Let it dry. Wash your hands after application. Wash treated clothing separately. Avoid using in babies under 6 months of age. Refer to the other warnings and precautions on the packaging.