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Angelicalm Jet lag 15cáps
Angelicalm Jet lag 15cáps

Angelicalm Jet lag 15caps

For relief of symptoms associated with Jet lag

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Sleep is a physiological need that allows you to restore the body and conserve energy, restoring physical and emotional balance.

Many of the biological functions are organized in a rhythmic way and keep pace with the phenomena of the surrounding environment. In a healthy individual, rhythms are organized in a harmonious way and are an essential condition for well-being, performance and health in general.

Jet Lag disorder is a recognized disorder of the circadian rhythm of sleep after crossing several time zones too quickly.
The most frequent symptoms when circadian rhythm is out of sync include sleep disturbances, such as insomnia, reduced alertness and performance during the day, increased associated tiredness, or excessive daytime sleepiness.
The exogenous administration of (m), a substance that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, is an effective way to adapt to the new time zone more quickly.
The (m) contributes to the relief of subjective symptoms of time difference and to reduce the time needed to fall asleep.


15 capsules