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Suavinex Óleo de Massagem Perineal 30ml
Suavinex Óleo de Massagem Perineal 30ml

Suavinex Perineal Massage Oil 30ml

Helps the skin to gain elasticity, managing to tone and flex the pelvic muscles.

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Suavinex Perineal Massage Oil is formulated with a mixture of 100 vegetable oils% natural, and when massaged regularly helps to tone and relax the pelvic muscles, reducing the possibility of some perineal trauma during childbirth (mainly episiotomies) and prevents some typical postpartum symptoms.


  • Especially rich in rosehip oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E, which help to regenerate tissues and heal.
  • Respects the pH of the skin. Designed to be used after 34 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Without parabens or petrolatum.
  • No caffeine and artificial colors.
  • Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.

Directions for use:

In a comfortable and relaxed position (squatting, sitting, on your side) apply a few drops of oil to the perineal area and massage for 5 or 10 minutes.

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