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Suavinex Creme Anti Estrias 400ml
Suavinex Creme Anti Estrias 400ml

Suavinex Anti-Stretch Cream 400ml

Enhances skin elasticity in order to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

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Suavinex Anti-Stretch Cream it is a precious help during pregnancy, since its moisturizing and nourishing formula gives the skin the ingredients it needs to become more elastic and resistant.


  • Its formula contains the following ingredients: Rosehip oil and Centella asiatica, enriched with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which promote skin elasticity; Ivy and horsetail extract, which are rich in silica and facilitate the massage and absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Its pleasant fragrance makes the use of this care a real moment of pleasure, and its rapid absorption facilitates the massage.
  • No parabens, caffeine, petroleum jelly or artificial colors.

Directions for use:

Apply daily to clean, dry skin, massaging until completely absorbed.