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Epitact Night Bunion Correction Tam S

Epitact Night Bunion Correction Tam S

It helps to correct deformation and limit evolution.

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The daily use of the EPITACT® night correction orthosis helps to correct the deformation and limit the evolution of the “bunion”. It helps to relieve joint and impeding pains at night.

Special features:

The splint becomes flexible when immersed in hot water. Once placed, apply the separator (included). The orthosis then takes the shape of your foot and gently realigns the big toe. The orthosis hardens and becomes rigid in minutes: you can enjoy a custom-made orthosis. Very comfortable, you even forget that you are wearing it while you sleep. Thermoformable several times, the orthosis is adaptable.


When properly cared for, it can be used daily for several months.


To obtain an optimal effect in pain relief and realignment, we advise you to use the EPITACT® orthosis as a complement, letting the skin breathe for a few hours a day.


The orthosis should not be used if the big toe can no longer be moved laterally. Do not apply on unprotected wounds. Do not use in case of diabetes, arteritis, lower limb neuropathy or ulcerations.

Directions for use:

• First, with your hand, check that the big toe still moves sideways. If not, do not use this product.

• The orthosis can be thermoformed on both the right and left feet. Follow the instructions provided in the thermoforming information leaflet. The corrective orthosis for night use can be thermoformed several times.

• Pass your forefoot through the large strap. Then stick the big toe in the small sock.

• Make sure that the white guide is located at the level of the “bunion” (see figure in the thermoforming information sheet provided).

• It is recommended that, during the first 3 uses, use the orthosis only for 2 hours.

• For the following uses, use the orthosis all night. Joint pain may occur when first used. If pain persists for more than 7 nights, consult your podiatrist.

• After 1 month of using the orthosis and in the absence of pain, a second thermoforming can be placed to increase the correction (see thermoforming information sheet provided). The desired correction will then be obtained without the separator, but pulling the big toe laterally.

Available in 3 sizes: