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Suavinex Pacifier Fusion Silicone 4-18m 2 Units Blue

Pacifier from the Prêt-à-porter collection with physiological silicone teat for babies from 4 to 18 months.

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Suavinex Pacifier Fusion Silicone is a pacifier with physiological silicone teat, which mimics the mother's breast during suction allowing a perfect adaptation to the baby's small mouth.


  • Ideal for premature babies.
  • Its small size rim and shape are in harmony with the baby's face, in addition to minimizing the contact surface with the skin.
  • The physiological teat, narrower and flatter at the base, allows the pacifier to be well placed in the baby's mouth, exerting minimal pressure.
  • It does not absorb odors or flavors.
  • Available in sizes: 2-4m; 4-18m and + 18m.