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Hydrotricine 1mg 24 tablets

Topical local treatment of mouth and throat infections.

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Hydrotricine 1mg it is indicated for the topical local treatment of localized infections limited to the oral and oropharyngeal mucosa.

Active substances: thyrothricin.

Thyrothricin is a polypeptide antibiotic used for the local treatment of dermal and oral infections. Hydrotricine bases its activity on the application of the antibiotic properties of thyrothricin, for the treatment of diseases of the mouth and pharynx. It exerts an inhibiting and bactericidal action on the germs responsible for affections in the mouth and throat.

Dosage and method of administration:

Hydrotricine lozenges are for oral use. Take, on average, 4 to 10 tablets a day, depending on the case. This dose can be increased at the physician's discretion. Each Hydrotricine tablet is dosed with 1 mg of Thyrothricin in an excipient that dissolves slowly in the mouth in contact with saliva and which progressively releases the active substance. Do not chew the tablets.

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