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Halibut Muda Fraldas Pomada Reparadora 50g

Halibut Changing Diapers Repair Ointment 50g

Ointment that helps to repair the skin during diaper rash and to control the proliferation of microorganisms on the skin.

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Halibut Changes Diapers Repair Ointment is a repairing care, especially indicated in the repair of the skin with irritation, diaper rash and / or redness in the baby's bottom.


  • With a creamy texture and easy application, it repairs the skin and helps to control the proliferation of microorganisms.
  • Contains zinc oxide and miconazole in its formulation.

Directions for use:

Apply in each diaper change, for 7 days, in a thin and homogeneous layer, on clean and dry skin. For complete care in preventing diaper rash, before applying, gently clean the baby's skin.