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Dodot Fraldas Tam 3 4-10kg 35 unidades
Dodot Fraldas Tam 3 4-10kg 35 unidades

Dodot Diapers Size 3 6-10kg 32 units

New Dodot with 3 Ultra-Absorbent Tubes.

Ref. 7471599 - D
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For quantities less than 4 units, contact the pharmacy: 22 986 44 11.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.

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From the first time you try it you will discover that the new Dodot is not like other diapers. Its revolutionary technology with 3 Ultra-Absorbent Tubes helps to distribute the pee evenly throughout the diaper, so it is drier and less dilates.

Absorbent Micropearls

They absorb up to 30 times their weight and help prevent moisture from returning to the surface.

3 Ultra-Absorbent Tubes

They help to distribute the moisture evenly throughout the diaper.

Elastic sides

They adapt to the baby's shape and movements for maximum comfort and prevent leakage.

Total dry layer

Minimizes the time of contact of the pee with the baby's skin.


The air naturally reaches the skin of the tail. This way it stays cooler, drier and protected.

Smooth as cotton *

For delicate contact with baby's skin. * Does not contain cotton.