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Absorvit Magnésio Resist 10ampolas
Absorvit Magnésio Resist 10ampolas

Absorvit Magnesium Resist 10ampolas

Extra resistance, better physical performance and reduced tiring and fatigue.

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Absorvit Magnesium Resist is a food supplement, formulated in ampoules, specially developed for those who regularly exercise.


  • It contains ingredients particularly suitable for sports, such as magnesium and ginseng.
  • The formula was also reinforced with vitamin B6, with an important role in reducing tiredness and fatigue.
  • It is indicated for all people who practice physical exercise, to increase endurance, improve physical performance and to help in quick recovery after training / race.
  • Indications: Increased physical resistance during physical exercise; Improvement of fatigue symptoms; In muscle fatigue / weakness; Extreme muscle fatigue - intense physical effort; Cramps and Stress Reduction.

Directions for use:

Shake before taking. Dilute the contents of an ampoule in a glass with water and then take.