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Tilman Flexophytol 60 capsules

Tilman Flexophytol 60 capsules

An effective solution for acute pain.

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Tilman Flexophytol acts on the inflammation regulation nucleus. Proven efficacy in multiple clinical trials with over 2000 patients.


  • Effective anti-inflammatory treatment = reduction of inflammation and associated pain.
  • Improved joint function.
  • Protective effect on cartilage.
  • Excellent safety profile - from the first symptoms of illness to long term (chronic treatment).
  • Protection of the gastric mucosa.
  • Full action on the inflammatory cascade.
  • It inhibits the activation and translocation of the nuclear transcription factor NF-kB.
  • Suitable for patients with diabetes and hypertension, patients with renal failure, elderly patients with concomitant pathologies, taking aspirin and new anticoagulants or professional athletes (a substance not considered to be doping).

Directions for use:

Joint pain: Attack: 6-12 years: 2 caps. in the morning (1 month); +12 years: 2 caps. morning and evening (1 month) / severe pain: 3 caps. in the morning and at night (beginning of treatment). Maintenance: 6-12 years: 1 cap. in the morning. +12 years: 2 caps. in the morning. Pain in Tendonitis: 6-11 years: 2 caps. morning and night (1 week). +12 years: 4 caps. morning and night (1 week). It can be taken with or without food.