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Centrum Junior 30comp.
Centrum Junior 30comp.

Centrum Junior 30comp.

Nutritional support, cognitive and bone development

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CENTRUM JUNIOR is a food supplement with vitamins and minerals, in a balanced formula, developed to help complement the daily diet of children from 4 years old.

CENTRUM JUNIOR comes in the form of chewable tablets, with a pleasant fruit flavor.

Centrum Junior's formula provides benefits such as:

  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT - Contains vitamins and minerals that help to complement the daily diet. Vitamins are organic substances necessary for life and essential for the proper functioning of our body. Minerals are inorganic chemical elements, which we need in small quantities.

  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT - Despite being present in many foods, iron deficiencies are common. In children, iron contributes to normal cognitive development.

  • BONE DEVELOPMENT - The basic function of vitamin D is to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood, helping normal bone growth and development in children.

Directions for use:

From 4 years: 1 tablet a day. The tablet should be chewed and should not be swallowed whole. There are no limitations on the duration of taking CENTRUM JUNIOR.

Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption. Excessive consumption of xylitol can have laxative effects.