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Pharmaton Vitality 60

Pharmaton® Vitalidade is a food supplement that contains Ginseng G115®, vitamins and minerals. They help to successfully overcome your challenges throughout the day, contributing to the improvement of vitality, memory and defenses.

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What is Pharmaton Vitality?

Pharmaton Vitalidade is a multivitamin that presents Panax ginseng extract (Ginseng G115) and soy lecithin in a unique formula, associated with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Pharmaton Vitality combines oriental wisdom-through Ginseng extract G115-with pharmaceutical competence.

Why Pharmaton Vitality?

Do you have a very demanding profession? Are you a student and the exams are at the door? Does winter never escape a cold? Pharmaton Vitalidade contains ingredients that help you successfully overcome these challenges.

Among the multiple benefits of Panax ginseng extract (Ginseng G115) are:

Energy and vitality: optimizes your body's use of energy, thereby reducing daily fatigue.

Strengthens physical and mental functions: acts on the central nervous system and helps to minimize stress and physical and mental tension.

Strengthens the immune system: positively influences and strengthens the immune system, including in situations of convalescence.


1 Daily Dose