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Ceregumil Infant Syrup 250ml

Food supplement with Fresh Royal Jelly, Omega 3 and Essential Vitamins.

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Ceregumil Infantil Syrup is a food supplement with an innovative composition and a pleasant cherry flavor. The association, rich in Essential Vitamins, Fresh Royal Jelly and Omega 3-DHA, was specially developed for children, acting both physically and intellectually.


  • Suitable for children between 3 and 12 years old.
  • It contributes to the improvement of concentration and learning levels.
  • Strengthens the body's immune defenses.
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • It contributes to a healthy intellectual and physical development.
  • Protective action against the effects of hyperactivity.
  • Composition: Fresh Royal Jelly 300mg, Honey 100mg, Omega 3 - DHA 100mg, Vitamin E 60mg, Vitamin B1 5mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Vitamin B9 1.5mg, Vitamin B12 5µg, Vitamin D3 25µg and Vitamin C 150mg.
  • Fresh Royal Jelly: it is essential in the child's growth stages, reinforcing the defenses of his immune system.
  • Essential Vitamins: for the development of children, namely for the absorption of iron and calcium, formation of red and white blood cells, and it has an anti-oxidant action indispensable for a good functioning of the nervous and immune systems.
  • Omega 3-DHA: fundamental for the proper functioning and development of the brain, ensuring levels of concentration and learning; with good results in children with hyperactivity, contributing to the improvement of the attention and learning capacity.

Directions for use:

Take 10 ml / day before breakfast. To facilitate intake, it contains a measuring cup.