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Compeed Dressing Invisible Treatment Herpes Labial 15units

Provides up to 12 hours of continuous treatment, to heal quickly and significantly reduce the creation of scabs and reduce the risk of contagion.

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Compeed Dressing Invisible Lip Herpes Treatment heals the cold sores lesion helping you to be unstoppable again at your best - and fast!


  • It heals quickly (by ensuring the appropriate level of hydration of the wound, it promotes the healing mechanism of the skin itself, thereby accelerating the healing process).
  • Hides instantly (makes cold sores lesions invisible, reducing your insecurity and social anxiety about appearance. Lipstick or makeup can also be applied over the dressing, further reducing the visibility of the lesion).
  • Relieves pain (covers and protects the nerve endings that are exposed in the wound, resulting in pain relief).
  • Reduces redness and swelling (by reducing skin tension, the dressing relieves swelling and reduces redness. It also maintains skin hydration, preventing it from drying out.)
  • Reduces the tingling, itching and burning sensation (reduces skin tension, resulting in soothing relief).
  • Reduces the appearance of bubbles and helps prevent the appearance of scabs (creates an environment and protects against germs that prevents the lesion from drying out, thereby preventing the formation of scabs).
  • Reduces the richness of wound contamination (provides a protective barrier over the injury that the herpes virus cannot penetrate, thereby helping to reduce the risk of contamination from the wound. It also prevents people affected by herpes from touching the injury - a frequent source of cross-contamination. Water and bacteria are also repelled).

Directions for use:

You can use the dressing to treat cold sores at any stage of the outbreak. However, it is best to apply it at the first signs of an outbreak - usually a tingling or itching sensation. Wash your hands before and after applying the dressing. It should be used 24 hours a day until the lesion heals. The dressing loosens naturally after approximately 8 hours and must be replaced with a new one.