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Nutribén Hydrolyzed 400g

Formula extensively hydrolyzed and lactose free indicated for the treatment of allergy, proven, to cow's milk proteins, since birth.

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Hydrolyzed Nutribén is an extensively hydrolyzed and lactose-free formula suitable for the treatment of proven allergy to cow's milk proteins from birth.


  • 100% extensively hydrolyzed casein.
  • Lactose free, and therefore more effective in remission of symptoms.
  • 100% maltodextrin, ensuring better digestibility, flavor and aroma.
  • No palm oil.
  • Supplemented with 5 nucleotides, LC-PUFAS and 20% TCM.

Directions for use:

Breast milk is the best food for infants. Nutribén® HIDROLISADO is intended to replace breast milk when breastfeeding is not possible or is insufficient. The product is suitable for consumption as the sole source of food. It should be consumed under medical supervision.

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