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Nutribén Natal H.A. 800g
Nutribén Natal H.A. 800g

Nutribén HA 800g

Hypoallergenic start milk for atopic infants. Safe and effective in preventing allergy.

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Nutribén HA is a hypoallergenic milk indicated for the prevention of allergy and atopic dermatitis, since birth, ideally for the atopic newborn.


  • Hypoallergenic milk with short chain peptides, designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants at risk of allergy.
  • Enriched with nucleotides, which favor the development of the baby's immune system and the maturation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Contains galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), oligosaccharides present in breast milk. It provides the following benefits: they favor the growth of a healthy intestinal flora because they have a prebiotic effect, improve intestinal transit due to its effect of dietary fiber and strengthen the immune system.
  • 100% partially hydrolyzed seroproteins. Predominance of di- and tri-peptides for faster and more physiological absorption.
  • 50% maltodextrin.
  • 50% lactose.
  • No palm oil.
  • Also indicated for the prevention of atopic dermatitis.
  • Better taste and aroma: having only 1% of free amino acids.
  • Available in packages of 400g and 800g.

Directions for use:

Breast milk is the best food for infants. Nutribén® HA is intended to replace breast milk when breastfeeding is not possible. The advice of the competent health professional should be followed. The product should not be consumed by infants allergic to intact proteins originating in this milk, unless the generally accepted clinical evidence proves the tolerance to infant formula in more than 90% of infants (with a confidence interval of 95%) hypersensitive to proteins in hydrolyzed preparations.