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Chicco Conjunto Recém-Nascido NaturalFeeling 0m+
Chicco Conjunto Recém-Nascido NaturalFeeling 0m+

Chicco NaturalFeeling Newborn Set (Large) 0m +

Everything you need from the first day of life.

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Chicco NaturalFeeling Newborn Set (Large) 0m + has everything you need from your baby's first day of life.


  • Contains: 2 bottles NaturalFeeling Normal Flow 0m + 150ml; 2 NaturalFeeling Medium Flow bottles 2m + 250ml; 1 adjustable silicone teat 4m +; 1 Physio Soft 0-6m silicone pacifier and 1 3 in 1 toothbrush.
  • NaturalFeeling bottles are the most natural choice after breastfeeding: an inclined and rounded silicone teat that facilitates the correct position of the baby's neck and allows a peaceful breastfeeding; the anti-colic valve guarantees maximum protection against colic, the teat always remains full of milk to prevent air intake
  • Chicco Physio Air pacifiers were developed to promote air circulation and thus protect baby's skin: Ergonomic shape - Ensures the correct space for the chin and nose. With safety ring. Various ventilation holes - ensuring air circulation, prevents saliva from stagnating and lets the skin breathe. Smooth, rounded edges - Land gently on baby's sensitive skin. Small reliefs - Favors the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth. Orthodontic. Physiological, capable of promoting the physiological and natural movement of the tongue. Thin at the base, to avoid dental problems.
  • NaturalFeeling teats have an angular shape - evenly distributes tongue pressure, favoring the correct development of the palate. Silicone “Mummy Effect”: The only extra velvety soft silicone teat for greater sucking pleasure. Packaged in a practical sterilizable case, which can be used to store them when not in use.