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Mustela Maternity Suitcase Blue

Pack with 5 essential cares for babies: 1 cleaning water, 1 washing gel, 1 body milk, 1 changing cream and cleaning wipes.

Expiration Date: 06/2023

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Mustela Mala Maternity is a special edition kit, which brings together 5 essential care products with high tolerance formulas, specially developed to keep the most sensitive skin perfectly healthy. Your baby's skin will always remain strong, smooth and fresh!


Mustela Cleaning Water is a micellar water that gently cleanses while comforting the baby's face and body.

Features :

  • Alcohol-free, soap-free and with a neutral pH, it effectively cleans all impurities, even the most resistant, in a single gesture.
  • Can be used on the most sensitive skin.
  • High skin and eye tolerance.

Mustela Gel Lavante is a gel that gently cleanses the baby's body and scalp.


  • Contains superfatty agents that offset the desiccant effect of limestone water.
  • With a neutral pH it doesn't sting the eyes or cause tears.
  • Respects the skin barrier and the integrity of the scalp.

Mustela Hydra Bebé Leite Corporal is a hydrating care developed specifically for the baby's body with sensitive skin.


  • It has a fluid and light texture that reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the skin's water balance, leaving it silky and protected.
  • It has a quick absorption, which allows you to dress your baby right away.

Mustela Creme Zona Diaper 123 is a cream that regenerates, comforts and prevents irritation and redness of the baby's bottom at each diaper change.


  • Prevents irritation and redness.
  • Lastingly regenerates the skin.
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove.

Mustela BIO Cleansing Wipes are wipes that gently clean and comfort the baby's bottom.


  • Cleans safely and effectively without irritating the skin.
  • They hydrate and regenerate the skin, providing a feeling of comfort.
  • Leaves skin soft and slightly scented.

Directions for use:

Mustela Cleansing Water: Apply 1-2 pressures in a compress and apply to the skin of the face, body and buttocks, cleaning gently. Reapply until the compress comes out clean. No need to rinse.

Mustela Gel Lavante: Apply to the skin of the body and wet hair until foaming. Remove with plenty of water. Carefully dry the baby, paying special attention to the buttocks and skin folds (thighs, armpits, neck).

Mustela Hydra Bebé Corporal Milk: Gently apply to the skin of the baby's body, ideally after a daily bath.

Mustela Cream Zone Diaper 123: Apply a thick layer on the skin of the buttocks, perfectly clean and dry, at each diaper change.

Mustela BIO Cleansing Towels: Apply to the skin of the body or face. No need to rinse.