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Chicco Thermogel Discs 2 Units

Soothes the breasts and encourages breastfeeding.

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Chicco Thermogel Discs Hot & Cold therapy: it is a precious help for the mother to overcome the problems that arise with breastfeeding.


  • Cold Therapy: Relieves redness due to breast engorgement, swelling and pain.
  • Hot Therapy: Relieves mastitis, obstructed ducts and encourages milk flow. Ideal to use before breastfeeding to soften the breast.
  • When the breast is warm, you can use the Breast Pump to allow a steady flow of milk and reduce pumping time.
  • Specially designed to match the shape of the chest: flexible and smooth.
  • Extra coverage in soft, delicate fabric for the skin of the mother's breast.

Directions for use:

Before use, carefully read the labels and warnings indicated on the product packaging.