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Almofada de Sementes 18x46cm
Almofada de Sementes 18x46cm

18x46cm Seed Cushion

Natural solution for pain relief and relaxation. Infants, children, adults.

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Seed Cushion it is ideal for relief of pain and discomfort of the various parts of the body.


  • It can be applied hot or cold, depending on the use you want to give.
  • The seeds provide a pleasant body massage sensation when pressed against the body.
  • The pillow molds to the body and slowly releases heat or cold.
  • Use: Pain relief (eg: muscle, stomach, back, neck, cervical, menstrual, breast pain / breastfeeding, etc.); Arthritis; Sprains; Bruises; Arthrosis; Low back pain; Cramps; Relieves flatulence; Cold hands and feet; Stimulates blood circulation; Calming and muscle relaxant; Wellness Therapies; Heat and Cold Therapies; Massage; Physiotherapy; Menopause; Osteoporosis; Otitis, etc.
  • Beige color.

Directions for use:

Hot / WarmHeat in the microwave, together with a glass of water, for 1 to 2 minutes (this time may vary due to the microwave power, but never leave more than 2 minutes). After heating, shake the pad well to distribute the heat evenly. Do not heat in the oven or grill. It can burn if overheated. Test the temperature of the Pillow before use.

Cold-Place in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours.

This product should only be applied to healthy skin. In case of acute inflammation or fever, no additional heat should be provided to the body. The pillow should not be used by people who cannot easily feel heat or cold. To avoid damage to the skin, test the temperature before use with the back of the hand. Damaged pillows must not be used; especially in case of leakage of the filling there is an increased risk of ingestion of the filling material in children under 3 years old. During the period in which it is not used, leave it in a dry, cool, airy and protected from sunlight or place in the freezer in a plastic bag. Not washable.