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Noreva Oficinal Gin Plus 10óvulos
Noreva Oficinal Gin Plus 10óvulos

Noreva Oficinal Gin Plus 10ova

Vaginal healing.

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Noreva Oficinal Gin Plus it is an adjunct to the treatment of gynecological healing processes.


  • Indications: Colposcopy and after invasive techniques; Conization; Cryotherapy of the cervix; Gynecological surgery; Radiotherapy; Dystrophies associated with chemotherapy; Ectropion - tissue strengthening; Scleroatrophic lichen; Atrophy or dystrophy of the vaginal mucosa; Post childbirth; Vaginal dryness - menopause.
  • Healing and lubricating action - Sodium hyaluronate 10mg.
  • Emollient - Sweet almond oil.
  • Class II Medical Device b.

Directions for use:

Apply 1 egg at night or according to medical prescription.