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Multi-Gyn Vaginal Shower

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Shower

Developed with women in mind for optimal vaginal hygiene

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Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche consists of an effervescent solution, conveyed through an ergonomic device, and developed taking into account the needs of this female area.


  • The tablets contain the 2QR Complex, originating from the liquid of the Aloe barbadensis leaf and rich in polysaccharides. These substances have the ability to block the adhesion of harmful bacteria; thus reducing their proliferation.
  • It favors the natural tissue regeneration system, restoring normal levels of vaginal acidity. In this way, the development of lactobacilli is stimulated, and the onset of vaginal discomfort is prevented.
  • Its squeezable and flexible bottle with an applicator tip allows reaching hard to reach areas, ensuring a more effective cleaning.
  • Aloe extract can come from different sources, which is why the lozenges can have different shades without compromising their effectiveness.

Directions for use:

Fill the bottle with warm water to the top of the grooves. Break the tablet in half and add to the water. Screw in the applicator and wait for the tablet to dissolve (when the liquid stops bubbling). Gently insert the applicator into the vagina, squeeze the bottle. You may not use all the liquid in one use. Separate the applicator bottle and wash it thoroughly with water.