Multi-Gyn Vaginal Shower

Developed with women in mind for optimal vaginal hygiene

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  • Special valve reduces pressure build-up creating an ideal wash flow
  • Cannula only allows the release of fluid and does not suck it back
  • Washes effectively and gently
  • Can be used in any position, sitting, standing or even lying down

Good vaginal hygiene is of utmost importance in preventing vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis or candida (fungus) infection. In the presence of a vaginal infection, intensive hygiene is essential for a quick recovery to return to a healthy situation. Medical research has shown that it is especially important to clean the fornices near the uterus of the residues that tend to be concentrated there and often constitute an important risk zone. It is of paramount importance for a woman's well-being, a healthy vagina, normal flora (Doderlein), as well as a discharge and natural odor.

Vaginal washes allow for more intense vaginal hygiene and date back to Cleopatra's day. Nowadays a variety of vaginal showers can be found on the market. In fact, many of the existing devices are far from being optimal and some of them can even be dangerous to use. The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche it allows several great benefits over all the others that already exist and, therefore, it is the only vaginal shower that has been classified according to the EC directive as a type I medical device.

The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche fulfills all requirements and desires, as specified in an extensive survey of women and professionals (gynecologists and general practitioners). It has been tested in the laboratory and demonstrates washing (not spraying) efficiently and gently. The cannula has a valve that makes it impossible for liquids to return and - most importantly - prevents excessive pressure from building up. The cannula is soft, easy to insert and made of special flexible plastic. Due to the combination of the angle at which the cannula is connected to the reservoir and the flexible neck, it is the only shower that can be used in any position; sitting on the toilet, standing under the shower or lying down. The result of this design is a practical device, adapted to women, highly effective and ergo-dynamic.