Elgydium Clinic Escovilhões Trio Compact Misto Estreitos

Elgydium Clinic Brushes Trio Compact Mixed Narrow

Combines three brushes in a single handle.

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Elgydium Clinic Brushes Trio Compact they are toothbrushes designed to clean the interdental spaces and prevent the formation of bacterial plaque between the teeth.


  • Uses Elgydium Clinic refills.
  • Ultrathin plastic coated wires.
  • Compact non-slip handle.
  • Recommended for teenagers and adults.
  • Available for various diameters of interdental space: For narrow interdental spaces, the Trio Compact Mixed Estreitos has three brushes: one with a 0.8mm diameter in cylindrical shape, one with 1.0mm and one with 1.2mm, both conical.

Directions for use:

Rinse the brush and insert carefully, tilting slightly forward. Perform a slight circular motion to facilitate insertion. Move back and forth, back and forth. Rinse well after use. Remember to replace the brushes after one week of use (depending on wear).