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Wock Everlite Insole 35

Extremely flexible and breathable insole due to its design, while the fabric lining increases the feeling of comfort.

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Wock Everlite Insole it is a comfortable, removable insole for perfect hygiene.


  • Antistatic: promotes the release of accumulated electrostatic energy.
  • 50 ° washable: the insole can be machine washed at 50 °.
  • Moisture resistant: given its hydrophobic characteristics, the material has a high resistance to water.
  • Ventilated: regulates the temperature and humidity of the foot.

Directions for use:

To wash the insoles, remove them from the shoe. Moisten a soft cloth in warm water and rub directly on the insole to remove dirt. Do not use softeners or aggressive detergents in the washing process. Allow to dry at room temperature. Keep them away from heat sources.

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