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TENA Lady Ultra Mini Plus 24 unidades
TENA Lady Ultra Mini Plus 24 unidades

Tena Lady Ultra Mini Plus 24 units

The extra long panty liner from the Tena Lady range for added protection.

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Tena Lady Ultra Mini Plus is a longer, more absorbent panty liner. It offers you triple protection against leaks, odors and moisture and extra security to feel more confident. Only 3 mm thick and the size of a regular pad, it absorbs faster than regular panty liners.


  • Much more absorbent than a regular longer panty liner. Tena Lady panty liners are much more absorbent than a regular panty liner, providing anti-leakage security and dryness.
  • The Fresh Odor Control system helps prevent unwanted odor. Tena Lady daily pads have the Fresh Odor Control system. This unique design of fresh micro-beads reduces the development of bacteria that produce ammonia, thus reducing odor. This product offers discretion while providing comfort and dignity.
  • Dermatologically tested. All materials that make up the product are dermatologically tested to be safe and gentle on the skin.
  • Smooth surface like silk, more delicate and drier in contact with the skin. The silky-smooth surface is designed with a soft, delicate textile-like material that instantly wicks away moisture, keeping your loved one dry and supporting good skin health.
  • QuickDry surface for immediate dryness. Tena Lady has a special perforated surface that absorbs liquid instantly, leaving the skin dry for comfortable use.
  • Length: 21 cm.

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