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Lindor Anatómico Plus 20unidades
Lindor Anatómico Plus 20unidades

Lindor Anatomic Plus 20units

Dressings suitable for active people with moderate / severe losses.

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Lindor Anatomic Plus is an absorbent dressing suitable for active people with moderate / severe losses. For active, mobile or permanently seated people with severe incontinence. People who are bedridden with mobility can also use it.


  • I think with elastic underwear.
  • Discretion: Anatomical shape that adapts to the body like underwear. You can change without having to take your pants off. Textile cover that prevents noise when walking.
  • Odor absorption system: The super absorbent core and the slight aroma help to have a greater feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
  • Maximum safety: Absorbent with maximum absorption and anti-leakage barriers that remove moisture in the fastest way, protecting your clothes. You will feel more secure and confident when leaving home.
  • Skin care: Helps maintain optimal skin pH for 24 hours. 30 more% dermoprotective surface impregnated in the diaper core that acts for 24 hours, leaving the skin more protected.

Directions for use:

Place the piece of fabric as if it were a pair of underpants or a slip without reaching it completely. Place the pad between your legs, placing the widest part in the back area. Raise the piece of fabric slowly and adjust it to the waist. Make sure that the absorbent is in place and is not wrinkled for maximum comfort. If you prefer, use your underwear instead of the knitwear.