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Lindor Elásticos Super Pequeno 40unidades
Lindor Elásticos Super Pequeno 40unidades

Lindor Elásticos Super Small 40units

Suitable for bedridden or walking people (night) with moderate / severe losses.

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Lindor Super Elastics, incontinence diapers suitable for bedridden or walking people (at night) with moderate / severe losses. They offer maximum protection against leakage due to their great absorption capacity and reliable liquid retention.


  • Immediate resorption: A LINDOR diaper, with maximum absorption and immediate resorption, is designed to withstand multiple urination during the night and to remove moisture from the skin as quickly as possible. LINDOR helps you spend less diapers throughout the night.
  • Skin care: Helps maintain optimal skin pH for 24 hours. 30 more% dermoprotective surface impregnated in the diaper core that acts for 24 hours, leaving the skin more protected.
  • Anti-leakage barriers: Reduces leakage of urine allowing cleaner sheets every morning.
  • Strip and Put Tapes: Closure system that allows checking and adjusting the diaper as often as needed without tearing it. Save time, hassles and diapers.
  • Breathability: Allows the skin to breathe 24 hours a day. Helps to reduce the risk of irritation. Helps maintain optimal skin pH for 24 hours.

Directions for use:

Unfold and stretch the pad, avoiding jerking. Lift the anti-leak barriers so that they do not stick to the pad. Place the person on the pad. Place the pad between your legs and adjust your waist. Glue and peel off the fastening strips until the absorbent is snug. Press the fixing straps tightly so that they are firmly attached.

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