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Tena Flex Maxi Size L 22 units

Diapers with protective belt conce for severe to very severe urine leakage.

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Tena Flex Maxi is a diaper with a very reinforced protection belt that allows an easier and ergonomic change, with a comfortable and discreet fit.


  • Provides anatomically shaped protection with dual absorption core for anti-leakage safety.
  • The Superfit belt allows for quicker and easier change. TENA Flex is faster and easier to change than traditional products, regardless of the user's position, guaranteeing dignity and being more advantageous in terms of ergonomics for the caregiver.
  • The design and breathable material help maintain skin health. The TENA Flex incontinence protection has an outer material 100% breathable that allows air to circulate. In addition, TENA Flex's special design leaves the wearer's hips and thighs less covered.
  • Quick liquid absorption and extremely absorbent interior that provide lasting dryness with FeelDry technology.
  • The Odour Neutralizer reduces the ammonia odor effect, giving the user a feeling of freshness and dignity.
  • The humidity indicator on the outside of the product changes from yellow to blue when it is time to change. Just look at the humidity indicator on the TENA Flex to orient yourself.

Available in 4 sizes:

s - For hips between 61 to 87 cm

M - For hips between 71 to 102 cm

L - For hips between 83 to 120 cm

XL - For hips between 105 to 153 cm

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