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Romeo Areia Aglomerante Lavanda 6L
Romeo Areia Aglomerante Lavanda 6L

Romeo Lavender Agglomerating Sand 6L

Agglomerating sand for cats.

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Romeo agglomerating sand for cats, with fragrance of Lavender.

Romeo sand is super agglomerating, controls the smell left by the cat in the toilet and has a long durability, about 30 days for a cat.

If you like a light fragrance in your cat's sand then Romeo Areia Agglomerante Lavender will answer your requirement.


  • 100 % mineral
  • Super Binder
  • Controls odor
  • 6 liters, equivalent to 30 days for 1 cat.
  • Lavender fragrance.

Directions for use:

Pour about 5cm of product into the tray.

Remove pellets daily, do not dispose of them in the toilet. Fill with new product, in order to be 5cm high again.

When the tray starts to smell, even if it is little, it is time to renew the entire product. Discard the used product in a garbage bag and rinse the tray with soap and water before refilling it.

For the box (WC), look for a ventilated place, accessible for the pet, but modest. And for your pet to feel more comfortable, his space should be neither too big nor too small, but proportional to its size.