Petshine Wipe Cleaner 15 units

Petshine Wipe Cleaner 15 units

Wipes for cleaning the ears of dogs and cats.

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Soft disposable wipes for ear hygiene of dogs and cats, formulated with ingredients of natural origin.

Gently remove wax and odors, taking care of your pet's ear health.

Petshine wipes, in resistant fabric, are formulated with Tea Tree oil known for its healing properties, moistened with a moisturizing, emollient and protective agent, which respects the natural pH, indicated for cleaning ears and ears of dogs and cats.

At the end of the day or after a walk in the park, in order to prevent the wax and dirt from accumulating and then becoming a more serious problem, wipes are the ideal solution.

The unique combination of oils helps to protect the delicate hydrolipidic and microbial balance of the skin in the ear area. Indispensable in all cases where there is a need for an accurate and gentle cleaning of the ear area.


  • Super tough.
  • Delicate, soft, disposable wipes.
  • Active ingredients of natural origin.
  • Specifications for hygiene of the ear area, ears.
  • Pocket format, practical to have anywhere.

Directions for use:

Clean the ear, using the petshine ear / ear cleaning wipe, gently in the ear area to clean and remove any secretions and dirt.

Use a towel for each ear.